Code with the speed and knowledge of the best programmer you know. Aide is by your side.

Code Completion

AI-powered code suggestions, built-in.

Fast, intelligent and context-aware code completions. Aide doesn't just look at your active files, but it also hooks with the Language Server to navigate and utilise related code for a growing list of languages.

tab can be your best friend.

Inline completion


Have a question? Ask anywhere!


Invoke a chat conversation with Aide anytime by pressing ⌘ + ctrl + I, or just ⌘ + I to start one right within the file. Use # to refer files or code symbols you want to ask about, or just highlight some code and press ⌘ + L.

It's all a few keystrokes away!


We never see your code.

Aide is architected to run entirely on your machine — there are no servers between the IDE and the language model. If you'd like, we can also host the best coding models on your infrastructure.

So, go, open up your top-secret codebase. Or the messiest one.

Offline functionality

AI Developers

The future of AI is Open Source.

Model configuration support

Aide lets you pick an infra provider and model of choice, add your API key and just start coding. All queries made to the model are available to you in a SQLite DB locally, and our prompts are Open Source.

So, if you love working with Open Source models and/or fine-tuning them, we'd love to make it easy for you.

Built on top of VSCode.

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All your settings, keybindings and extensions will just work!
Look for the ‘Import Settings and keybindings from VSCode’ option in the settings.

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